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Vegas Writes Trilogy (2013-'15) Bundle

Vegas Writes Trilogy (2013-'15) Bundle

Top Las Vegas writers explore Sin City via these provocative collections of short stories, essays, and reportage. Produced in conjunction with the prestigious annual Vegas Valley Book Festival, each "Vegas Writes" anthology features contributions from some of the city's top writing talent, established and new, loosely exploring a different common theme each year.

Getting Better All the Time (2013) Nine of Las Vegas’ finest writers weave spectacle, risk, and reward into these diverse narratives of civic, political, financial, and personal progress -- and at what price it comes.

Lost & Found in Las Vegas (2014) The 6th annual collection and loosely based around the central concept of a "lost-and-found" box and the random and disparate items that might be found within. It's the perfect metaphor for Las Vegas -- a metropolis with such singular energies, so many diverse and frenetic elements. In no other city is it so easy to get lost, nor so vital to be found.

In The Anarchy of Memories (2015) What if gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson took one more journey to Las Vegas in search of the American dream? What if the ghost of Ted Binion haunted his former home? What if Andre Agassi were caught up in a futuristic courtroom drama? These questions and more are explored by writers tackling the challenge of creating a fictional story around a Las Vegas icon. 

Vegas Writes Trilogy (2013-'15) Bundle / paperback

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