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How to Win at Video Poker

We’ve just put together a bundled package of Bob Dancer video poker products that saves you about $35 compared to buying each product individually. We came up with the idea for this bundle based on my advice to countless video poker players who ask, "What do I need to do to be a winning player?" To get to that level in any game, you need to master a lot of skills. But there’s always a shortcut to getting most of the way there. That shortcut is this package.

Most important is the software. There’s no better way to learn video poker strategy than from a computer program and Video Poker for Winners is among the best. The software allows you to practice on any pay schedule and learn as you go. It’s just like playing in the casino, only you’re alerted when you make a strategy mistake. But tutoring is just the tip of the iceberg; this program does much much more. How do you get the most out it? By reading the book.

Dancer wrote Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner primarily as a companion to the software. Hence, the book shows you how to best use the computer program to improve real results. But VPIB also provides all kinds of important information about expert-level video poker play, including choosing the highest-paying games and understanding what type of bankroll you need to play at various levels.

Finally, the strategy cards are simply one of the best video poker aids ever developed. After you’ve practiced on the software, you’ll understand where the touchy decisions are when you play. But you won’t have to commit those key strategy maneuvers to memory if you have the strategy cards.

This really is it, folks. This package, if you use it, will take you at least 90% of the way to the expert level and that’s easily enough to win with.