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Abowitz Digs Zender?

If you don't know him, Richard Abowitz is one of Las Vegas' most respected local writers. He's tied into the Vegas scene in a number of interesting ways, and as a result, he has the ear of many in the national media. So when Richard picked his list of six "significant books about Las Vegas" in a recent issue of the new Vegas Seven magazine, I took notice.

Ah, let's see—books from Random House, Knopf, a couple of other New York publishers, and whoa!, one from Huntington Press. Was it Beneath the Neon? Whale Hunt in the Desert? Telling Lies and Getting Paid? After all, these are among the more literary books that we've published. Nope. It was one of our math-based games-oriented books—Casino-ology.

"An essential glimpse behind the cash cage at the heart of the Strip," is how Richard described it, and my hat's off to him for seeing it that way. Yes, author Bill Zender packed Casino-ology with the numbers and insight that hard-core gamblers, as well as the casinos themselves, crave (and need), but he also provided a laser-like look at what makes and drives this city—the incredible money machine that is gambling itself.

Casino-ology is a $40 book, but we're unloading some inventory with a short-term sale ($14.95, and $9.95 for the e-book) that you can take advantage of until end of business March 12. And look for our publication of Casino-ology 2, expected later this year.

By the way, here's the complete Abowitz list: