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WSOP Guide Excerpt 3 is Up

The third part of our serialized Guide to the World Series of Poker is up at In this edition, Blair gets into the meat of playing in a live poker tournament, covering the important rules and procedures of the WSOP. Rules address “oversized chips,” “untabled hands,” “acting out of turn,” “calling for a clock,” and, of course, the dreaded “string bet.” Tournament procedures include “balancing” and “breaking tables,” “chipping up,” the “bubble,” and the steps you have to follow to avoid disqualification at the end of the day’s play in tournaments played over multiple days.

It’s more good stuff straight out of Blair’s book in the works, Don’t Be a Donk. Meanwhile, Blair continues to build his playing resume, recently finishing 7th out of 885 players in Pot-Limit Omaha. Part IV will go up next Monday.