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Blackjack Basic Strategy Card- 1 Deck

Blackjack Basic Strategy Card- 1 Deck

The developers of the tutoring software Blackjack 6-7-8 have produced a series of tri-fold pocket-sized basic strategy cards for blackjack. These cards are extremely accurate, including proper surrender and variations for dealer hit or stand on soft 17 and when double after split is allowed. The cards come for 1 deck, 2 decks, and 4-8 decks; choose the one applicable to the game you play most often.

Additionally, the Counter Basic Strategy provides an ingenious aid for beginning card counters by altering basic strategy to take advantage of high-count situations. For example, Chapter 5 of Knock-Out Blackjack provides an entry-level count system in which players vary their bets according to the count, but play the hands according to basic strategy. The Counter Basic Strategy takes into account the fact that bigger bets will be at risk when the count is favorable, and amends basic strategy accordingly, e.g., you stand on 16 against a 10 and double down with 9 against a 2. Note that while this card is a great addition to the arsenal of beginning card counters who do not employ other strategy variations, the Counter Basic Strategy should not be used if you’re not varying your bets with the count. These cards are hot, and an at $4.95 a piece an incredible bargain, to boot.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Card- 1 Deck / Blackjack Basic Strategy Card- 1 Deck / Hal Marcus

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