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Surviving the Mob

Surviving the Mob

For 14 years, Andrew DiDonato was a Gambino-family associate of the Nicholas Corozzo crew, a loyal street soldier immersed in dangerous criminal activities: burglary, forgery, extortion, loan sharking, car theft, bank robbery, counterfeiting, drug dealing, credit-card and insurance fraud, witness tampering, weapons possession, and attempted murder. 

He was also involved in the underworld gambling operations, which took in millions dealing dice and cards, booking sports and horses, and running numbers. This is the most in-depth look at Mob gambling ever published -- and some of the secrets revealed will surprise you.

Surviving the Mob is a cautionary tale of the harsh reality of a criminal, inmate, fugitive, and witness who—so far—has lived to tell the tale.

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Surviving the Mob / 295 pages / Dennis N. Griffin and Andrew DiDonato

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