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Moneymaker Effect, The

Moneymaker Effect, The
Chris Moneymaker defied the odds to win the 2003 World Series of Poker, as online poker and the hole-card camera revolutionized poker. 

This is the story behind the most dramatic World Series of Poker ever and its lasting effects, told by the players, the TV execs, the tournament directors, techs, writers, and the 2003 WSOP champ himself, Chris Moneymaker. 

Moneymaker, an amateur poker player with a name too good to be true, defied the odds to win the 2003 WSOP main event, just as the twin inventions of online poker and the hole-card camera simultaneously arrived to revolutionize a game long-relegated to smoky bars and living rooms. More than a decade later, with the online-poker world in an ongoing state of flux, the "Moneymaker effect" continues to reverberate while the recollections and insights of the more than 30 eye-witness contributors remain as relevant and insightful as ever, whether you're a player yourself or simply interested in a great real-life narrative.

Chris Moneymaker's improbable tale comes to life in this fabulous oral history of the journey that changed poker forever. Norman Chad, ESPN poker analyst

I skeptically wondered what new territory could possibly be uncovered on an all-too familiar subject known to just about anyone who’s played a hand of poker within the past decade…Talented veteran freelance writer Eric Raskin’s genius comes in the clever layout of the subject matter and easy-to-digest presentation of material which is far more comprehensive than anything previously released. The same story gets retold again, of course, but from angles which are at times strikingly different. Highly recommended.” —Nolan Dalla, WSOP Media Director/Senior Writer 

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Author Eric Raskin has been the editor-in-chief of ALL IN magazine and its website since 2005. He's also a contributing writer to, Playboy,, and When he’s not writing or editing poker articles, the majority of his work focuses on boxing.

Moneymaker Effect, The / 238 pages / Eric Raskin

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