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Casino Tournament Strategy

Casino Tournament Strategy

Here’s an example of the good getting better. In the new edition of Casino Tournament Strategy, Stanford Wong has added nearly 100 pages from his horse race handicapping book, Betting Cheap Claimers (which is going out of print). The tournament playing strategies for blackjack, craps, baccarat, keno, and horse racing divulged in this book have been proven successful by Wong and his legendary tournament playing team of the mid-’80s, which included Las Vegas Advisor publisher Anthony Curtis.

About The Author(s)

Stanford Wong
Stanford Wong has made a name for himself through books, newsletters, software, and the Internet. He loves to solve puzzles–-and that is what betting on sports is all about–-solving puzzles about which team to bet and hot to bet it.

Of course he has done his share of winning at gambling games. While in graduate school, playing blackjack was his major source of income, and he stayed in school long enough to earn his Ph.D. from Stanford. While a student, he published his first book, Professional Blackjack.

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