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Play to Win (Second Edition)

Play to Win (Second Edition)

Despite the highly publicized rise of poker, blackjack remains the most popular casino table game and tournaments are a fun way to enjoy the game. Written by a proven blackjack-tournament champion, this book covers a wealth of tournament subjects and strategies in an accessible style that’s particularly of interest to the novice player.

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About The Author(s)

Ken Einiger
Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Ken Einiger moved to Las Vegas in 2003 to pursue a gambling career. In 2004 Ken made it to the final table in five of the seven biggest blackjack tournaments in the country, racking up wins of nearly $500,000 in a 12-month span. The following year he won the World Series of Blackjack. Since then, Ken has kept busy giving private blackjack lessons and blackjack seminars around the country.

Play to Win (Second Edition) / paperback / Ken Einiger

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