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Most Huntington Press titles are available in e-book format from Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and using the iTunes app (you must be in the iTunes app to access our books there). Click either of the links to see the full list of Huntington Press titles at your website of choice. You can also enter the title/author in the search fields to go directly. 



Bargain Bin

Many of our titles are available at a knock-down price beyond the normal publisher’s discount, either because a book is going out of print, or because we still have old inventory in stock of a book that’s now in its second or third edition, or because we have damaged returns. Damaged returns are books that have been sent back from a bookstore and may be slightly bent at the corners, for example, but are often in near-perfect condition.

In addition, we have regular special offers and sales, where you can find short-term discounts on new and pristine titles, so remember to check back regularly for the latest deals.


Gift Certificates

For your convenience, we have made a few printable gift certificates that you may print to place in an envelope or under the tree.

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Click here for an LVA membership subscription.