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Advantage Play For The Casino Executive

Advantage Play For The Casino Executive

Written to enlighten casino executives about what to look out for, Advantage Play for the Casino Executive is an A-category must-have for serious gamblers, too..

While some of the advanced information contained is too arcane for anyone but a seasoned pro, there’s plenty that will appeal to a broader audience. The introduction alone, which describes an incredibly creative blackjack play in Atlantic City, will be worth the price of the book for many. Zender also writes about biased roulette wheels, the debate about whether dice can be controlled with “rhythm rolling” (he’s dubious), and combining return percentages, cashback, and promotions to gain an edge at video poker (Jean Scott style).

For serious gamblers and members of the casino industry, the coverage, along with the supporting charts and tables (optimal hole-card strategy, correlation/combination betting, etc) is a treasure chest.

We must point out that book was not edited well and contains a lot of typos, which shouldn’t undermine your confidence in the information, and the spiral binding is flimsy (our review copy came apart). These are secondary considerations, however, to the overall strength of this work.

About The Author(s)

Bill Zender
Bill Zender has an MBA and more than 30 years experience in the gaming industry as a player, former part owner/Director of Casino Operations at the Aladdin hotel-casino, and Nevada State Gaming Control Board agent. He's widely recognized within the industry as a leading authority on all aspects of casino management and game protection and is much sought after as a gaming operations consultant and lecturer. Bill is a former part owner, vice president, and Director of Casino Operations at the Aladdin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, and has written a number of books on game protection and advantage play, including Casino-ology.

Presently, Zender is the owner and primary consultant for Last Resort Consulting.

Advantage Play For The Casino Executive / paperback / Bill Zender / 136 pages

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