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Cullotta DVD Video

Cullotta DVD Video

An unvarnished interview with Frank Cullotta, Dennis Griffin, and Dennis Arnoldy, hosted by Robert Allen.

Frank Cullotta was born in Chicago in 1938. As a youth he embarked on a decades-long criminal career, hanging around with some of the toughest kids on the Windy City’s streets. Frank and several of his associate went on to become accomplished thieves, arsonists, and killers. One of those was Frank’s friend, Tony “the Ant” Spilotro, who gained notoriety as a ruthless Chicago Outfit enforcer. Tony was the mob’s top man in Las Vegas during the 1970s and through the mid-1980s. Frank was his main man for much of that time. Together, they and their gang ruled the Vegas underworld.

In 1982, the two men had a falling out that resulted in Frank rolling and becoming a government witness. His testimony was instrumental in putting a number of mobsters behind bars and causing the Outfit to lose its control over Las Vegas. Although the mob issued a contract on his life, Frank survived his time in prison and the Witness Protection Program. He is now a free man. His tell-all biography, Cullotta, was released in July 2007.

55 minutes. DVD

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About The Author(s)

Dennis N. Griffin
Dennis N. Griffin retired in 1994 after a 20-year career in investigations and law enforcement in New York State. He and his wife Faith moved to Las Vegas shortly afterward. An active member of the Mystery Writers of America, Las Vegas Valley Writers Group, Henderson Writers Group, and the Police Writers Association.

Cullotta DVD Video / DVD Video

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