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Gay Vegas

Gay Vegas

Vegas as a queer fantasyland? You bet!

These days, the ultimate heterosexual adult playground is so awash in pink and lavender, in hot guys and same-sex subtexts, that Bugsy and Sinatra would hardly recognize the town. Twenty-first century Sin City is a magnet for gay and lesbian travelers and a mecca for relocating gays. The major hotel-casinos conduct gay weddings and the Strip’s awash with gay-friendly headliners and homoerotic production shows.

Gay Vegas addresses the needs—and desires—of both visitors and locals, with a brutally honest, completely un-PC take on where to go and, perhaps even more important, where not to go when you touch down. It’s the only gay guide to Las Vegas you’ll ever need.

"It’s ironic that a desert oasis founded by Mormon missionaries is now a thriving mecca for gay tourists. But such is the wild history of Las Vegas…Friess lists the best places for gays to stay, offers his thoughts on the best dining options and recommends the best of the shows, including the best male revues. He also includes chapters on spas, shopping and culture. When it comes to his opinions, Friess pulls no punches. Readers will know exactly his likes and dislikes and why.”
Chicago Tribune

About The Author(s)

Steve Friess
Freelance writer Steve Friess first moved to Las Vegas in 1996 to work for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. A former contributing writer for The Advocate, Friess has also covered gay topics for USA Today, the New York Times, Newsweek, and dozens of other major periodicals. The Long Island native also founded the Las Vegas chapter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association and is a former NLGJA board member. Friess and his partner, NBC producer Miles Smith, co-host "The Strip" podcast, a weekly Vegas-centric celebrity-interview program found at Friess and Smith wed at the Palms Hotel-Casino in March 2007 and live with their two chihuahuas, Black and Jack.

Gay Vegas / 212 pages / Steve Friess

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