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Let It Ride/3 Card Poker strategy card

Let It Ride/3 Card Poker strategy card

The public loves the “carney” games" because they're fun. And the casinos love them too! Why? Because the public plays them at double-digit disadvantages! And while a basic strategy alone will not yield a player advantage over these games, playing them properly compared to what might seem intuitively correct can save you hundreds of dollars over just a couple of sessions. In the typical LVA fashion of getting the best information from the top experts, these cards were authored by casino-killer extraordinaire, James Grosjean, who blogs about Advantage Play techniques, gambling myths, and more, exclusively for Las Vegas Advisor at Beyond Numbers.

This Let It Ride/3 Card Poker card contains optimal strategies for two games in one, along with the casino edge for different paytables and instructions on how to play each. Buy this card individually, or save money by purchasing the entire set of five cards, containing eight of the most popular carney games, at a bundled discount. Each comes with two cards, one that fits in your pocket and a second that’s small enough to carry in your wallet.

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Let It Ride/3 Card Poker strategy card / Let It Ride/3 Card Poker

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