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Poker Protection

Poker Protection

Cheating … and the World of Poker

When it comes to game protection, no one in the world can match up with Steve Forte. Now Steve turns his unparalleled expertise to poker in his new book, Poker Protection. Picking up where Richard Marcus’ Dirty Poker left off, Poker Protection covers every aspect of poker cheating—from card mechanics to online scams. Here are just a few of the many topics presented.

  • History of Cheating
  • Cheating in the Cardroom
  • Professionals and Amateur Cheaters
  • The Industry Evolves
  • Elements of the Scam
  • Cheater’s Psychology
  • Crooked Gambling Equipment
  • Signals
  • Suckers
  • Collusion
  • False Shuffles and Related Scams
  • Holding Out
  • Peeks, False Deals, and Coolers
  • Marked Cards
  • Online Poker
  • Tournaments
  • Poker’s Line of Defense
  • Game Procedures
  • Identifying the Crooked Game
  • Protection Yourself
  • The Future of Poker
  • Detection Skills

Poker Protection — Cheating and the World of Poker presents the topic of cheating with scope and objectivity, covers a wide range of scams employed by both amateurs and professional cheaters, provides important perspective and historical background, and makes the clear distinction between the casino/cardroom game and the home/private game providing players, dealers, and industry executives with the first, modern treatment of cheating and its impact on the game. Poker Protection was written for gamers and players, for all capacities and levels of experience, but primarily, it was written for anyone hungry for knowledge.

About The Author(s)

Steve Forte
Steve Forte is a thirty-year veteran of the gaming business, and recognized as a leading authority in the game protection field. As president of his own consulting firm, International Gaming Specialists, he has traveled around the worked many times to lecture on cheating, how to prevent it, and how to detect it. In 2004, he authored Casino Game Protection—A Comprehensive Guide, an explosive treatise on casino table game security. Poker Protection is his followup study that exclusively explores the game of poker and the dangers posed by professional and amateur cheaters.

Poker Protection / hardcover / Steve Forte

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