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Video Poker Strategy Cards Set of Nine

Video Poker Strategy Cards Set of Nine

Play every video poker hand perfectly with these handy pocket-sized expert strategy cards, legal to use in all casinos. Free shipping on all strategy cards!

Do you keep the low pair or the four to the straight? The pair of aces alone or the aces and 5s? The two deuces or the inside straight flush? Don’t guess, play perfectly with these awesome video poker strategy cards. Each card has four strategy levels (except Pick ‘Em), moving up from Beginner to Recreational to Basic to Advanced. Though simple, the Beginner level will allow most players to improve their play -- and financial return -- significantly, while the Advanced Strategy level teaches you to play almost computer-perfectly. These cards will pay for themselves in less than a day’s play with the savings gained by avoiding costly mistakes. Carry the cards into the casino with you and check ‘em when you need ‘em.

Save money with this complete bundled package, or purchase cards individually for your favorite games (click the links below). 

Video Poker Strategy Cards Set of Nine / 3x5 tri-fold cards / Bob Dancer, Liam W. Daily

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