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Winner's Guide Volume 5

Winner's Guide Volume 5

Bob Dancer’s A Winner’s Guide to Pick ‘Em Poker continues the tradition of giving the player the “full monte” for this highly enjoyable and high-return game. Pick ’Em Poker can be found in numerous Vegas places, as well as in casinos throughout the country. The full-pay version returns a healthy 99.95% which normally makes the machine positive when combining rewards that casinos give to the players. Bob Dancer’s book analyzes the game, gives the perfect play instructions, and even gives hand-per-hand examples for some of the toughest plays. This is like a strategy card on steroids, considering that is a completely in-depth analysis and instruction on Pick ’Em and is 56 pages long.

About The Author(s)

Bob Dancer
Bob Dancer is the world's foremost video poker expert. A regular columnist for Casino Player, Strictly Slots, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal, tens of thousands of casino enthusiasts look to Bob Dancer for advice about playing their favorite gambling game. His Video Poker Strategy Cards, Winners Guides, videos, and software are the best-selling video poker tutorials of all time--making Bob Dancer the most sought after source of video poker advice in the country. When he's not chasing jackpots, Bob can be found teaching video poker strategy to standing-room-only crowds in casinos around the country.

Winner's Guide Volume 5 / paperback / Bob Dancer, Liam W. Daily

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